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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dead in the Family

The tenth title in the Sookie Stackhouse series has arrived! Have you read it? Do you like the cover? What did you think of the story?

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  1. Harris presents several interesting themes to explore - the consequences of the Weres coming out being the biggest - but never goes into any real depth. In the last few books there have been too many plot lines going at once - the Were issues, the vampire political situation in Louisiana, the Fairy War, and Sookie's romance (well, Sookie and Eric's sex life anyway). Everyone wants to kill Sookie for some reason (never very good reasons), and there is a lot of blood. Sookie has moral qualms. She has sex. She wants to have sex. She is angry at Eric. She is angry at other people.

    The best part of the earlier books was getting to know the characters, the fun way this new world was explored; now, it is just a lot of blah blah blah, blood, sex. There is very little of that former fun mixed in with the darkness.

  2. I somewhat agree with you, but it kinda makes the books more interesting to read also. As you read and you get to the end you want to read the next book, and yes I did kinda get mad at the end of this book because it doesnt really answer some questions from the last book, but all in all I love the book series, and the tv show too even though its completely different.